Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Why is my RUKUSfx not charging when I plug it into the USB port.

A1) RUKUSfx does not have a rechargeable battery. It uses 3 AAA batteries that are inserted in the bottom of the unit.  The USB port is used for uploading new songs and sound effects , and downloading performances and recordings.

Q2) What's the best way to contact you.

A2) The best way to reach us is by sending us an email to

Q3) I'm trying to plug in an external speaker, but I'm having some issues.

A3) Some cables work better than others. We have found that mono 3.5mm cables work the best with RUKUSfx.

Q4) Can I use RUKUSfx with a Bluetooth Speaker.

A4) No you cannot. Bluetooth has an inherent delay that would cause issues in the sound quality when playing with RUKUSfx. You don't normally notice this delay when just listening to music, but you would notice your timing being affected while performing a song.

Q5) Im having some issues figuring out all the features of RUKUSfx. What can I do.

A5) Go to our tutorials page on this website or go to Everything you need to know about RUKUSfx is there.